Resilience 06:1

Resilience 06:1

Edited by Stephanie Foote, Dana Luciano, and Anthony Lioi

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Volume 6, Number 1 (Winter 2019)   Read it on Project MUSE   Read it on JSTOR

Gold Is the New Green: Thinking Environmental Shame in Drought Times
Jeremy Chow  

Ghost Towns and Ghost-ed Riders: Nature as a Radical Archive in the African American Experience
Shelly Jarenski

Beasts of the Southern Wild and Indigenous Communities in the Age of the Sixth Extinction
Brianna Burke

Sacrificial Structures: Waste, Animals, and the Monumental Impulse
Clint Wilson III           

Performing Waste, Wasting Performance: The Ecology of Fluxus
Aurelie Matheron        

Stone Voices: Geomaterialism in the Ecohumanities
Steve Mentz