Anthropological Linguistics 59:3

Anthropological Linguistics 59:3

Edited by Douglas R. Parks
Managing editor, John Erickson

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Table Of Contents

Volume 57, Number 3 (Fall 2017)

Why Tséhootsooí Does Not Equal “Kit Carson Drive”:
Reflections on Navajo Place Names and the Inequalities of Language                   
Anthony K. Webster    

Betoi-Jirara, Sáliban, and Hodɨ :
Relationships among Three Linguistic Lineages of the Mid-Orinoco Region                                         
Raoul Zamponi  

Salish Words for ‘Black Bear’ and ‘Grizzly Bear’             
Jan P. van Eijk

Book Reviews
Tone and Accent in Oklahoma Cherokee by Hiroto Uchihara                                                        
Matthew K. Gordon

Mayan Literacy Reinvention in Guatemala by Mary J. Holbrock                                                             
Walter E. Little