symploke 26:1/2

symploke 26:1/2

Edited by Jeffrey R. Di Leo
Guest edited by Maebh Long

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Oceania in Theory

Editor’s Note
Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Oceania in Theory
Maebh Long

Acts of Rememory in Oceania
Sudesh Mishra

Cartographies of the Vā
Caroline Sinavaiana Gabbard

Vanua in the Anthropocene
Maebh Long

“Where Will This River Flow?”
David O’Donnell

Kanaka Maoli Modernism
Paul Lyons

Movies and Pacific Modernities
Matthew Hayward

Oceanian Pain in the Nuclear Epoch
Lea Lani Kinikini Kauvaka

Ironies of Pastoral Narcissism
Corey Wakeling

General Articles
Higher Education and Authoritarianism
Henry A. Giroux

Multicultural American Literature
W. Lawrence Hogue

The Economy of Desire
Ansu Louis

The Daemonic Life of Objects
Dill on Rockrohr

The Untimely Present
Abram Foley

The Ecology of Kandinsky’s Abstraction
Isabel Sobral Campos

Long Live the Old Flesh
Travis Alexander

Shakespeare’s Imitation Game
John Freeman

Jacob’s Ladder in Modern Lyrical Poetry
Felix Schmelzer

The Critic as Mime
Nidesh Lawtoo

Dream a Little Dream of Not Me
Richard Hardack

“I Develop a Flame for the Bed"
Herman Rapaport

The Politics of Undeserved Happiness
Zahi Zalloua

Spreading Privilege
Robin Truth Goodman

All PhDs are not Created Equal
Jeffrey R. Di Leo

When Cultural Politics is Privatized
Kenneth J. Saltman

The Fantasies of Privilege
Jacob Blevins

Super Deluxe Whiteness
Steven Delmagori

Parables of the Anonymous God
Daniel T. O’Hara

Mother Trouble
David Greven

Figures of Cofiguration
Lucas Klein

A Thousand Plateaus for Neocon Bros
Michael F. Miller

The Lasting Impressions of Biopower
Benjamin J. Murphy

On the Varieties of the Nonhuman
Todd Hoffman

Rethinking Paul de Man with Ian Balfour, Lee Edelman, Tom Eyers, and Avery Slater

Politics and Criticism: An Interview with Bruce Robbins
Jeffrey J. Williams

Planting a Flag for Socialism: An Interview with Bhaskar Sunkara
Jeffrey J. Williams

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