The Undecidable Unconscious 05:1

The Undecidable Unconscious 05:1

Edited by Alan Bass

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Table Of Contents

Volume 5 (2018)

Gender, Politics, and the Future
Yukari Yanagino

Transgender People of Color and the Effects of Capitalism: A Conversation with Meredith Talusan
Yukari Yanagino and Meredith Talusan

Trans* and Legacies of Socialism: Reading Queer Postsocialism in Tangerine
Bogdan Popa

The Subject of Performativity: Between the Force of Signifiers and the Desire for the Real
Leticia Sabsay

Tiresias and His Trouble with Ambiguity in Gender
Marco Posadas

Interruptions: Passage to the Act and the End of Interpretation
Petar Ramadanovic