Edited by Jacob Blevins

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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Meaning, Reception, and the Use of Classics: Theoretical Considerations in a Chinese Context
Zhang Longxi
Yan Fu’s (Mis)translation of “Feudal/Feudalism”
Gengsong Gao
The Spread of Leo Strauss’s Though and the Flowering of Classical Political Philosophy in Post-Socialist China
Dandan Chen
Re-locating Plato: A Chinese Translation and Interpretation of Plato’s Symposium
Leihua Weng
Retranslating Ibykos and Li Bai: Experimental, Rhizomatic, Multi-Media Transformations
Adrienne K.H. Rose
Reading Pierre Bourdieu after William Pietz
Flore Chevaillier
“Still Clinging to Disaster: Reading Rob Halpern’s Disaster Suites
Lee Spinks
Ralph Ellison as a Reader of Hegel: Ellison’s Invisible Man as Literary Phenomenology
Jack Taylor
Alexander Beecroft, Michael Gibbs Hill
Notes on Contributors