North Dakota Quarterly 64:2

North Dakota Quarterly 64:2

Edited by Robert Lewis

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Table Of Contents

The Windsor Cemetery Diary and An Empty Room (stories)
An Interview with MuXin
Toming Jun Liu
In Exile (poem)
Sara Monahan
In Ting Shao Kuang's Windy Sea (poem)
Christy Ann Rowe
A Thorough Materialist Has Nothing to Fear and The Spring Festival
Xiao Xiaoda
"More to the Story": Ethnography and Narrative Form in Greg Sarris's Keeping Slug Woman Alive and Keith Basso's '"Stalking with Stories'"
Mary Slowik
Girl in a Garter, Sometime during the War (story)
Reed Karaim
The Dead Stop, They Just Stop and Talking about the Weather (poems)
Lynne Knight
Hanging Laundry Out to Dry (poem)
Richard Broderick
Embodiment Epistemology: A New Theory of Reading
Philip Arnold
History Lesson
John N. Buckley
Passing Away (story)
Patricia H. Wysor
A Prayer (poem)
Sean Thomas Dougherty
At the Park (poem)
Kirsten Wasson
Celery Hearts
Joan Joffe Hall
Starting from Wexford: James Liddy and Walt Whitman
Daniel Tobin
Dialogizing a Narrative's Nativity: Alice Munro's "Chaddeleys and Flemings"
Clellan Coe and Gerry Brenner
Theses and Dissertations Accepted by the Graduate School of the University of North Dakota—1996
Harvey Knull
Cheryll Glotfelty and Harold Fromm, eds., The Ecocriticism Reader: Landmarks in Literary Ecology
James Ballowe
Lawrence Buell, The Environmental Imagination: Thoreau, Nature Writing, and the Formation of American Culture
Wendy Brenner, Large Animals in Everyday Life
Jill B. Gidmark
Ben Stoltzfus, Lacan and Literature: Purloined Pretexts
Erik Nakjavani
Robert Brent Toplin, History by Hollywood: The Use and Abuse of the American Past and John Denvir, ed., Legal Reelism: Movies as Legal Texts
Michael Anderegg
Barbara Crow, Coming Up for Light and Air
Jane Varley
Jane Mead, The Lord and the General Din of the World
Stephen Freeh
L. G. Moses, Wild West Shows and the Images of American Indians
Jill B. Gidmark
Editor's Notes