North Dakota Quarterly 66:1

North Dakota Quarterly 66:1

Edited by Robert Lewis

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Table Of Contents

On the Anniversary of My Sister's Death (poem)
Richard Broderick
D. E. Steward
A Boy's Death
Thomas Palakeel
Epsom Salts (story)
Megan Williams
When You're Gone on a Long Trip (poem)
Andrew Dillon
The Fishing Dog (story)
Bonnie Jo Campbell
Raids on the Unspeakable: Translating Greek Drama
Thomas Van Nortwick
In the North, My Father Faces Death and The Coming, (poems)
Ginny MacKenzie
Naughty Child: Poet on Top of a Greenhouse
John Wheatcroft
Some of Our Apollo Moon Mission Aspects (poem)
Michael Hudson
Woman of the Lake (story)
Duane Niatum
The Second Time Around (poem)
Walt McDonald
From "Midlife Mojo": A Work in Progress
Robert Murray Davis
"Recollections of Boyhood Days in San Diego, 1880-1895": The Background of a Landmark Novel
Peter Wild
Last Call in Clayton (story)
Lydia Webster
Thermals (poem)
Fiona Sampson
Bates in the Wilderness (story)
Robert Lacy
Breaking the Tie That Binds: Feminine and National Representation in Edna O'Brien's House of Splendid Isolation
William Hatheway
Steve Fay, What Nature and Walter Lowenfels, Reality Prime: Selected Poems
James Ballowe
Max Brand, Fighter Squadron at Guadalcanal and Robert and Jane Easton, eds., The Collected Stories of Max Brand
Edgar Chapman
Patricia Goedicke, Invisible Horses
Yahya Frederickson
Linda Hasselstrom, Gaydell Collier, and Nancy Curtis, eds., Leaning into the Wind: Women Write from the Heart of the West
Mary Morley
Editor’s Notes