North Dakota Quarterly 71:2

North Dakota Quarterly 71:2

Edited by Robert Lewis

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Table Of Contents

The Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery Bicentennial
Guest Editor Everett C. Albers
Robert W. Lewis
Against the Undertow of Myth: The Uncertainties of Lewis and Clark in North Dakota
Clay S. Jenkinson
 Exploring the Explorers: Great Plains Peoples and the Lewis and Clark Expedition
James P. Ronda
Lewis and Clark: The North Dakota Phase
Elwyn B. Robinson
On the Trail Long after Lewis and Clark
William Kloefkorn
Sakakawea (play)
William Borden
Lewis and Clark Art
North Dakota Artist
Midwife to Janey (fiction)
Robert O. Marritz
The Silence in September (poem)
Laura Long
Explorers (poem)
Gerald Schwartz
Patrick Gass Poems
William Kloefkorn
Clay S. Jenkinson, ed. A Vast and Open Plain: The Writings ofthe Lewis and Clark Expedition in North Dakota, 1804-1806
Brian Palecek
William Kloefkorn, Sergeant Patrick Gass, Chief Carpenter: On the Trail with Lewis and Clark
Donald Junkins
Barton H. Barbour, Fort Union and the Upper Missouri Fur Trade
Greg Gagnon
John W. Hoganson and Edward C. Murphy, Geology of the Lewis and Clark Trail in North Dakota
Dexter Perkins
George Nelson, My First Years in the Fur Trade: The Journals of 1802-1804
Virgil Benoit
Stephen Graham Jones, The Bird Is Gone
Thomas Matchie
W. Raymond Wood, Prologue to Lewis and Clark: The Mackay and Evans Expedition;
Tracy Potter, Sheheke, Mandan Indian Diplomat: The Story of White Coyote, Thomas Jefferson, and Lewis and Clark;
Harold P. Howard, Sacajawea;
Everett C. Albers, The Saga of Seaman: The Story of the Dog Who Went with Lewis and Clark
Robert W. Lewis
Editor's Notes