North Dakota Quarterly 71:4

North Dakota Quarterly 71:4

Edited by Robert Lewis

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Table Of Contents

Shopping for the Queen of England, Speaking of the Devil, Motherhood as Place, and Teufelskreis (poems)
Leslie Adrienne Miller
Abbas Kiarostami as Filmmaker: Or the Art of Cinema as the Visual Stimulus to Endless Viewer Responses
Erik Nakjavani
How to Write about Oklahoma (story)
Dinah Cox
Sundogs, On the Cannon River, and In Early Spring (poems)
James Silas Rogers
Berkeley in the 1950s: A Reminiscence
Donald Gutierrez
Last Exit to Brooklyn
David Lazar
Anna (story)
Alexandra Leake
On Drowning a Beaver
Eric Trethewey
Creeping Charlie and the Prairie Painted Lady and Prairie Women of Mary Groth (poems)
Jennifer Soule
In Search of the Geographical Center (A Sea Change: Books that Mattered)
Mark Vinz
Leviathan (story)
Clifford Garstang
This Morning (poem)
Elizabeth Rees
The Man in the White Car (story)
Peter Selgin
Nativity (story)
Julia MacDonnell
Carrying the Fire: An American in Paris Teaching (of All Things) Creative Writing
Peter LaSalle
Archetypal, Mythical, and Anthropological Elements of Heart of Darkness
Megumi Dick Osumi
Theses and Dissertations Accepted by the Graduate School of the University of North Dakota—2003
Joseph N. Benoit
James Reidel, Vanished Act: The Life and Art of Weldon Kees, Daniel A. Siedell, ed., Weldon Kees and the Arts at Midcentury, and Donald Justice, ed., The Collected Poems of Weldon Kees
James Ballowe
Mark St. Pierre, Of Uncommon Birth: Dakota Sons in Vietnam
Gregory Gagnon
F. D. Reeve, Robert Frost in Russia
Jay Meek
James Leahy, The North Dakota State Constitution: A Reference Guide
Kimberly K. Porter
Larry O' Connor, Tip of the Iceberg
Jim Mochoruk
Robert Root, Recovering Ruth: A Biographer's Tale
Diane Drake
Ann L. Ardis, Modernism and Cultural Conflict: 1880-1922
George Slanger
Editor's Notes