North Dakota Quarterly 73:3

North Dakota Quarterly 73:3

Edited by Robert Lewis

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Table Of Contents

Jerry Christmas (poem)
X. J. Kennedy
Achilles at Work
Thomas Van Nortwick
Who Walked a Crooked Mile (story)
Anesa Miller
The Closest Thing; Spirit Spouse; Recurrent Dream Wife; and The Poet Who Couldn't Write a Poem to His Wife (poems)
Robert Bagg
Overwintering in Fairbanks
Erica Keiko Iseri
The Hamlet Mess and Liberation of Paris (poems)
James Scully
Tunnel of Love (story)
Autumn Arnold
A Collision among Rock Climbing, Jazz, and Two Large Trucks
Dane Myers
Life's a Picnic; The Namedropper; Why Read the Classics?; Coffee Break; For Snowflake Bentley and the Poets; A Poem about Everything, Including the Kitchen Sink; and So I Gather (poems)
Henry Braun
Driving through Monroe Country: One Reader's Journey through Two Short Stories
Kim Aubrey
The Plagues and Home Remedies (stories)
Gary Fincke
Old Goat; Leukemia; Making the Bed; That Place; Two Thousand Deaths; and Imagine (poems)
Pat Schneider
My Father As a Gay Man (story)
Sarah Gerkensmeyer
Giugni (month)
D. E. Steward
Dusk and Sky; Plum Beach; I Trip; Whisper at Fort Tilden; and Nature for His Birds (poems)
Nathan Whiting
F+ (A Sea Change: Books That Mattered)
Doyle Wesley Walls
White Meat of Chicken, Flowing Streams of Milk
Ellen Morris Prewitt
Holiday in Sicily (poem)
Kathryn Wagner
Holy Socks
Constance Studer
The Memorial Service
Aileen Hewitt
Ashes to Ashes
Erika Giles
Mariana Leal Ferreira and Gretchen Chelsey Lang, eds., Indigenous Peoples and Diabetes: Community Empowerment and Wellness; Peter Nabokov and Lawrence Loendorf, Restoring a Presence: American Indians and Yellowstone National Park; and Peter Nabokov, Where the Lightning Strikes: The Lives of American Indian Sacred Places
Sebastian Braun
John Price, Not Just Any Land: A Personal and Literary Journey into the American Grasslands
Dustin Solberg
Helen Fremont, After Long Silence; Pat Schneider, Another River: New and Selected Poems; and Pat Schneider, Wake Up Laughing
Donald Junkins
Thomas Merton, In the Dark before Dawn: New Selected Poems of Thomas Merton
Fred Arroyo
Monte Hartman and William K Kittredge, America's 100th Meridian: A Plains Journey
Robert Murray Davis
Paul T. Bryant, Confessions of an Habitual Administrator: An Academic Survival Manual
Robert W. Lewis
Editor’s Notes
What’s in Our Name?