North Dakota Quarterly 74:2

North Dakota Quarterly 74:2

Edited by Robert Lewis

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Table Of Contents

Return of the Black Hills
Peter Nabokov
Angling for Repose: Demythologizing the American West in Wallace Stegner's The Big Rock Candy Mountain
Jennie A. Camp
Where I Belonged (story)
Justin Courter
Insomnia Current; After the Race: Donegal's Arc; and Butcher Girl (poems)
Maureen Alsop
Dirt Poor (poem)
Cynthia Atkins
Brussels and Sometimes the Mind (poems)
E. Louise Beach
A Moment; In a Frame, It Matters; Winter; Ambition; and Radio (poems)
Marianne Boruch
Farm Market and Washing Clothes in the Stream (poems)
James Doyle
Serious Business (poem)
Alice Pero
The Fire Petal and The Weaving (poems)
Doren Robbins
Hung Beauty; Obiter Dicta; and Love and Hunger (poems)
Valerie Wohlfeld
Billion Dollar Dream (story)
Robert Day
Shaken, Not Stirred (A Sea Change: Books That Mattered)
John M. Edwards
A Blessing
Jacqueline Kolosov
Loving Aspasia (story)
Sandra Leong
Fish (story)
Christopher Helmuth
Back Home
Melody S. Gee
Things Left Behind
Victoria Costello
What's in Our Name?
Victoria Costello
W. S. Merwin, Present Company; Hayden Carruth, Toward the Distant Islands; and Jim Harrison, Saving Daylight
Roberts French
Peter G. Beidler and Gay Barton, A Reader's Guide to the Novels of Louise Erdrich: Revised and Expanded Edition
Julie Rodakowski
Paulette F. Morin, American Indian Themes in Young Adult Literature; Marge Bruchac, Malian's Song; Deborah Duvall, Rabbit and the Wolves: A Grandmother Story; Tim Kessler, When God Made the Dakotas; Donald F. Montileaux, Illustrator, Tatanka and the Lakota People: A Creation Story; Gayle Ross, The Legend of Windigo: A Tale from Native North America; Michael Spradlin, The Legend of Blue Jacket; and Tim Tingle, Crossing Bok Chitto: A Choctaw Tale of Friendship and Freedom
Gregory Gagnon
Faith Johnston, A Great Restlessness: The Life and Politics of Dorise Nielsen
Jim Mochoruk
Waziyatawin Angela Wilson and Michael Yellow Bird, Eds., For Indigenous Eyes Only: A Decolonization Handbook
Rebecca Weaver-Hightower
Eric Cheyfitz, Editor, The Columbia Guide to American Indian Literatures of the United States Since 1945; and Kingsley M. Bray, Crazy Horse: A Lakota Life
Sebastian Braun
Elie Wiesel, The Time of the Uprooted [Le Temp des Déracinés]
Ralph Koprince
Robert Vivian, The Mover of Bones; and Pamela Carter Joern, The Floor of the Sky
Diane Drake
Tom Hansen, Falling to Earth
Brad McDuffie
Robert Siegel, The Waters under the Earth
Matthew Nickel
Editor’s Notes