North Dakota Quarterly 62:1

North Dakota Quarterly 62:1

Edited by Robert Lewis

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Table Of Contents

Mermaid in the U-Bahn Station (poem)
Leslie Adrienne Miller
Who Put the "Multi" in "Cultural" and Should I Hyphenate?
Marya Bednerik
Shame (poem)
Ron Block
An Old Man in Tashkent
John Elsom
Negotiations (poem)
Beatrix Gates
Playwriting with Turner and Burke
Charissa Menefee
Grandfather (poem)
Josephine Redlin
For My Father, Who Does Not Dance (poem)
Ted Genoways
Filling My Father's Pockets (poem)
Trevor West Knapp
New Life in Old Titles: Recasting the Canon in a Native American Context
Paul G. Zolbrod
Hungary at War, 1944- 1945
Cecil Eby
Last Judgments (poem)
Peter Russell
Three Stories from Egypt
The Strong Man
Naguib Mahfouz
From Raifa Nour, Kom Al-Dabi, Egypt
Mamoun Fandy
The Bus
Mohamed Salmawy
House Dreams
Julene Bair
Correspondent (poem)
Yu Jian
The Possession (poem)
Daniel Bourne
Film Chronicle: Three Italian Realists
André Bazin
Last Word (poem)
William Aiken
"Why Should There Not Be Nothing?" (poem)
John Mann
Healthy Boy-Girl Relationships
Robert Murray Davis
American Parable (poem)
Gay Brewer
Speaking of Cats (poem)
Alice Friman
Getaway (poem)
Kirsten Smith
Michael Beard and Adnan Haydar, eds., Naguib Mahfouz: From Regional Fame to Global Recognition
Thomas Palakeel
Allan Chavkin and Nancy Feyl Chavkin, eds., Conversations with Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris;
Gordon Henry, Jr., The Light People
James McKenzie
Adrian C. Louis, Blood Thirsty Savages
David Jameson
Peter Iverson, When Indians Became Cowboys: Native Peoples and Cattle Ranches in the American West
Teresa Brumley
Claribel Alegria, Fugues
Dale Jacobson
Oscar J. Martinez, Border People: Life and Society in the U. S.-Mexico Borderlands
M. Patricia Orozco Rangel
Shirley Kaufman, Claims
John Felstiner
Robert Easton, The Happy Man
Edgar Chapman
J. D. Stahl, Mark Twain, Culture, and Gender
Susan Koprince
Patricia Monaghan, editor, The Next Parish Over: A Collection of Irish-American Writing
Mark Phillips
Gabrielle Roy, Street of Riches, trans, by Harry Binsse; and The Road Past Altamont, trans, by Joyce Marshall
Gayatri Devi
John F. Flanagan, Vietnam above the Treetops
M.P. Gibson
John Straley, The Curious Eat Themselves
Robert W. Lewis
Editor’s Notes