North Dakota Quarterly 56:2

North Dakota Quarterly 56:2

Edited by Robert Lewis

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Table Of Contents

Visions of Peace
Vito Perrone
Hope, Despair, and Memory: An Oslo Address December 11, 1986
Elie Wiesel
A Grassroots Approach to Life in Peace: Self-Determination in Over coming Peacelessness
Chadwick F. Alger
Among Spies and Spooks: Saving Myself
Peter Wild
Photographs of North Dakota
Jerry Olson
Continuative and Ethical Predictions: The Post-Nuclear Holocaust Novel of the 1980s
William J. Scheick
The Cuban Missile Crisis: Memoirs of a Survivor
Daniel Shanahan
Message Found in a Typewriter (poem)
Gerry Sloan
From a Vantage Point Overlooking the Battle of Hanging Rock (poem)
Katherine Soniat
The Truce (poem)
Doug May
Shared Quarters (poem)
Jane Hoogestraat
The Darwin Brigade (story)
Elton Glaser
An Idle Evening’s Entertainment
James Bogan
This to Keep (You) On
Sherman Paul
Murray’s Law (story)
Tony Rogers
An Interview with Barry Hannah
Robert King and Daniel Sheridan
Taxi Dancer (story)
William F. Van Wert
“How Some Specific Folks Will Do”: J. F. Powers Revisited
Ronald Weber
“Hollywood” (review-essay)
Michael Anderegg
Howard F. Stein, Developmental Time, Cultural Space
James Antes
Victor Montejo, Testimony: Death of a Guatemalan Village
Dale Jacobson
Farley Mowat, Woman in the Mists
Peter Wild
William K. Powers, Beyond the Vision: Essays on American Indian Culture
Julian Rice
Kenneth Lincoln with Al Logan Slagle, The Good Red Road: Passages into Native America
Jeff Jentz
Lee Strasberg, A Dream of Passion: The Development of the Method
Ron Engle
Carol A. Mahsun, Pop Art and the Critics
Kristine Koozin
George Meyers, Jr., Alphabets Sublime: Contemporary Artists on Collage and Visual Literature
Edward Lynskey
William B. Ober, M.D., Boswell's Clap and Other Essays and Bottoms Up!
Edwin G. Olmstead
Adam Zagajewski, Tremor: Selected Poems
Lisa Cooper
Jill Ireland, Life Wish
Jill Gidmark
Janet Spaeth, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Anna Sebba, Enid Bagnold
Emily R. Johnson
Kota S. R. Sarma, The Return of the Rambler: Watts Towers of a Poem
Michael Beard
Waverley Root, The Paris Edition
Gregory McNamee
Ronald Sukenick, Down and In: Life in the Underground
Jim Stull
John McCormick, George Santayana: A Biography
James Ballowe
John Conroy, Belfast Diary: War as a Way of Life;
John Nichols, A Fragile Beauty: John Nichols' Milagro Country
Robert W. Lewis
Editor’s Notes