American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 07:3

American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 07:3

Edited by Patrick W. Corrigan

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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Susan Rogers on Media Relations: An Interview by Robert Lundin
Robert Lundin
Overview of the Special Issue on Supported Education
Carol T. Mowbray
Supported Education: A Portrait of a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Intervention
Anne Sullivan Soydan
Career Advancement Resources (CAR): Supported Education as a Career Development Strategy
Allison C. Russell & Shari Strauss
Consumers and Alliances United for Supported Education (CAUSE): Building and Maintaining Successful Collaborative Relationships
Deborah Megivern, Kimberly Anderson, Virginia R. Wentworth, Vivian Barnhart & Semaja Howard
The Tri-County Scholars Program: Bridging the Clubhouse and Community College
Joel Weiss, Diana Maddox, Mieken Vanderwaerden & Steve Szilvagyi
Education as a Signature Program at Breakthrough Club of Sedgwick County
Mark C. Holter & Tim Paul
Supported Education Enhancing Rehabilitation (SEER): A Community Mental Health and Community College Partnership for Access and Retention
Ronda Hain & Deborah Gioia
Redirection through Education: Meeting the Challenges
Rosalind Gilbert, Susan Heximer, Dana Jaxon & Chyrell D. Bellamy
Supported Education: Diversity, Essential Ingredients, and Future Directions
Carol T. Mowbray
Book Review