American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 14:1

American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 14:1

Edited by Patrick W. Corrigan

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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Exploring New Frontiers: Recovery-Oriented Peer Support Programming in a Psychiatric ED
Scott Migdole, Janis Tondora, Michelle A. Silva, Alan D. Barry, Jane C. Milligan, Ed Mattison, Wiley Rutledge & Seth Powsner
Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender Persons with Severe Mental Illness: Negotiating Wellness in the Context of Multiple Sources of Stigma
Sean A. Kidd, Albina Veltman, Cole Gately, K. Jacky Chan & Jacqueline N. Cohen
Occupational Competence, Environmental Support and Quality of Life for People with Depression: A Path Analysis
Ay-Woan Pan, LyInn Chung, Tsyr-Jang Chen, Ping-Chuan Hsiung & Deepa Rao
Heterogeneity and the Longitudinal Recovery of Functioning During Inpatient Psychiatric Rehabilitation for Treatment-Refractory Severe Mental Illness
Nancy H. Liu, Kee-Hong Choi, Felice Reddy & William D. Spaulding
Importance of Collegiate Training for Vocational Rehabilitation Consumers with Psychiatric Disabilities
Daniel L. Boutin & Michael P. Accordino