American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 15:4

American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 15:4

Edited by Patrick W. Corrigan

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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Consulting in Action: A Case Study of Six Community Support Teams Sustaining Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment
Kristin Davis, Sheila O'Neill, Tim Devitt, Bill Baerentzen, Nancy Little & Sandra Wilkniss
Training Mental Health Providers in Cultural Competence: A Transformative Learning Process
Anita Pernell-Arnold, Laurene Finley, Roberta G. Sands, Joretha Bourjolly & Victoria Stanhope
Using Contemporary Technologies in the Assessment and Treatment of Serious Mental Illness
Dror Ben-Zeev, Robert E. Drake, Patrick W. Corrigan, Armando J. Rotondi, Wendy Nilsen & Colin Depp
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