American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 18:2

American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 18:2

Edited by Larry Davidson

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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Experiences and Meanings of Leisure, Active Living, and Recovery among Culturally Diverse Community-Dwelling Adults with Mental Illness
John W. Shank, Yoshitaka Iwasaki, Catherine Coyle & Emily S. Messina
Cognitive Characteristics in “Difficult-to-Discharge” Inpatients with Serious Mental Illness: Attribution Biases are Associated with Suspiciousness Only for Those with Lower Levels of Insight
Hayden C. Bottoms, Emily B. H. Treichler, Charlie A. Davidson & William D. Spaulding
Goal Attainment Scaling: Tracking Goal Achievement in Consumers with Serious Mental Illness
Naomi T. Tabak, Peter C. Link, Jason Holden & Eric Granholm
Interest in Employment among People with Schizophrenia
Cassandra Westcott, Geoffrey Waghorn, Duncan McLean, Dixie Statham & Bryan Mowry