American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 18:3

American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 18:3

Edited by Larry Davidson

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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
Social-Skills Training for Spanish-Speaking Persons with Schizophrenia: Experiences from Latin America, Spain, and the United States
Marcelo Valencia, Juan A. Moriana, Alex Kopelowicz, Steven R. Lopez & Robert P. Liberman
Discursive Processes Creating Team Culture and Recovery Orientation among Housing First Providers
Stacey L. Barrenger, Victoria Stanhope & Kendall Atterbury
Exploring the Effectiveness of Motivational Interviewing in Re-engaging People Diagnosed with Severe Psychiatric Conditions in Work, Study, or Community Participation
Margaret E. Hampson, Richard E. Hicks & Bruce D. Watt
What We Are Like When We Are at Our Best: Appreciative Stories of Staff in a Community Mental Health Center
Michelle P. Salyers, Ruth L. Firmin, Timothy Gearhart, Elizabeth Avery & Richard M. Frankel