North Dakota Quarterly 85:1-4

North Dakota Quarterly 85:1-4

Edited by William Caraher

Table Of Contents

Editor’s Note
William Caraher

Dog day afternoon
DS Malolalai

Green Scarf
Judith Ford

elegy for hot wheels
Clay Matthews

Ruhi Jiwani

Make-do night
Steven Ray Smith

Bill Gaythwaite

After Dark
late at night in the living room
Cindy Maresic

How to Make It
Jeff Friedman

Al Nyhart

Nixon for President
Anthony J. Mohr

Death of a Famous Singer
From Her House to Death House
John Grey

What Sorrow Lives In
George Looney

At the Museum with You
Elizabeth O’Brien

Post Zara
Erin Jamieson

american idols
last of the polka dots
Evan Anders

Drop Above
Jane Akweley Odartey

Two Ultrasounds
Aidan Coleman

Fairleigh’s Hollow
Matthew Ferrence

Wyoming Pastoral
Desert Whispers
An Old Man Who Believed in Math
David Salner

The Good Fight
Michael Pearce

Apartment Windows in January
Marjorie Power

The Paper Man
Paula Brown

For One Who Had Emphysema
William Cullen Jr.

Not Enough, Too Much
February 6, 2018
Texas Flood
Robert Okaji

Profane Elegy
Talking to My Mother on the Phone, Two and a Half Years After
Janna Knittel

The Baptism
Jack Donahue

Is Not
Lauro Palomba

Strawberry Wine
Notes/ suggestions/ corrections
Relief, a Sculpture
Mid-August, Turtle Mountain
Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah

Chronoscope 126: The moon, the closest orbit
John Walser

The Humanities in the Age of Austerity
Images of Austerity
Wyatt Atchley

Citizen Vova
Basil Rosa

Creative Writing in the Shadow of Austerity
Patrick Thomas Henry

History and Prehistory: My Father’s Bureau Drawer
Pamela Parker

Faculty Navigating the Age of Austerity: Affirming Roles and Renewing Alliances
Melissa Gjellstad & Ryan Zerr

Beyond Apologetics: Restructuring the Humanities for an “Age of Austerity”
James Newhard

Rick Watson

Humanities in the Age of Austerity: A Case Study from the University of North Dakota
William Caraher