Hotel Amerika 17:1

Hotel Amerika 17:1

Edited by David Lazar

Table Of Contents

Neil Carpathios

Jim Richards

Lance Olsen
What Happens Next 

Marcia Aldrich
Bree Daniels

JC Lee

Stephen D. Barker
On Rigor

Christina Pugh
Prosopopoeia: The Throwing of a Voice

Alisa A. Gaston
The Warmth of Ice

Elaine Terranova

Susanne Paola Antonetta
How to Die Knowing that You’ll Live Forever

Tony Whedon
River Street

Jill Talbot
Of Phones

Chris Arthur
Ear Piece

Spencer Hyde
This is How You Hold a Beating Heart

Mary Marbourg

Megan Baxter

Leslie Jill Patterson
No Men Were Harmed in the Making of 78/52

Kathleen de Azevedo
Mapping the Grey Area

Stephanie Anderson

Nicholas Patrick Martin
Look Up, Toward the Living 

Robin Kozak
Fairy Business

Primo Ventello
Resurrection Road

Judith Hertog
Jerusalem Syndrome

David LeGault
When a Game Dies

Kevin Griffith
Yard Sale of Biblical Proportions

Barbara Haas
Like a Total Waste of Moscow

Marina Harris
Notes from a Hospital for the Representationally Infirm

Richard Martin
The Pile 

M. Randal O’Wain
Barking Hours

Ryan Habermeyer

Jonathan Callard
The Cracks

Jon Chopan
Crisis Hotline: Veterans, Press 1

Barrett Bowlin

Hugh Sheehy
Family Secrets

Carrie Shipers
How to Live Where You’re Not Wanted

Peter Schireson
Self-Portrait with Tree

Maura Way
Golden Surprise Fancy Club

Rikki Santer

Betsy Johnson-Miller
[what if I am not fainting]

Kirstin Allio
Swan Point II

G. C. Waldrep
The Sarcomeres

Christina Pugh
Heads Up
I Don’t Know How to Make a Website,

Darren C. Demaree
Emily as she Dropped the Lantern at my Feet

Holaday Mason
Night Sweat
Midwest Thunderstorm Radius

Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow
Always that Sweeping Bush Limb Against the Kitchen Window Pane

Laura Glenn
Tiger Virgo
On the Other Hand

John Gallaher
Laughing at Violence
Flame Season

Robert Nazarene

Philip Pardi
Listening to Juan Carlos in the Post-War (Returning to El Salvador)
Heart \’härt\ noun
Although / And yet

Ricardo Pau-Llosa
Tawaraya Sōtatsu, Waves at Matsushima, 1620 
Scarpia (a Carvadissi) 

Matthew Harrison
It is Pouring Somewhere in the Universe 

George Looney
The Soul is Undiscovered, Though Explored Forever to a Depth Beyond Report

Linda Kunhardt
Across the Board 

T.C. Jones

Candice Reffe
March Wednesday
Kink in the Polar Vortex: Letter to My Husband

John Randolph Carter
Soluble Hippocrates

Kevin Clark
Museum of the Morning After—11/9/16

Ron Riekki
You Dig

John Brehm
Wishful Thinking

Lynne Potts
Bag Metaphysics 
Nun and Such

Jeanine Walker
On Reality, Reading the Classics

Lex Runciman
Homage to Norman Maclean

Hannah Baker Saltmarsh
Disruptions to the Sonnet by the Senior Class of 2000 
In Defense of the Female Sex 

Lauren Rusk
One to Another How They Sing 

Aydin M. Akgün
Graveyard Shift 
Hansel and Gretel 

Alan May
[The little farmhouse emptied] 

Jake Bauer
Suite for Five

Manuel Paul López
The Bullets

A. Molotkov
How Things Fit
Dana Curtis
Music (Distance)

William Virgil Davis
The Journey

Paul B. Roth

Nathan Spoon
Real Original 
Add Water Here

Jade Benoit

Steven Alvarez
denizen Zuma two

Talvikki Ansel
Notebooks 1: striped shirt

Charles Malone
the house fire
White River Lighthouse 

Christopher Notarnicola
A Couple Sit on the Beach and Think 

Donald Illich
Even the Night was Impressed 
When I’m Asleep I’m Asleep

Peter Grandbois
In Every Heart, a Mouth 

Prose Poetry
Stephanie E. Dickinson
Libeled Lady 
Dinner at Eight 
Los Angeles, CA ’33
Hold Your Man

Mary Gilliland
Stealing Across the Silver

Patty Seyburn
Ode to Ode to Psyche
Suburb: Macbethified

G. C. Waldrep
The Creatures, to the Bride 
Ode to My Thymus 

Susan Terris
from Dream Fragments

Margaret Barbour Gilbert
from Sugaring Off 

Erika Walsh
The Bearded Philosophy Major Playing a Hand Drum at the Party Wants to Know your Opinion
Fun at the Zoo

Gyorgyi Voros
Man on a Park Bench Sitting in a Cloud of Wasps 
Self Portrait as Chiasmus 

Zoe Mays
Love in Five Acts 

Jaime R. Wood
A Mother Teaches Her Daughter the Rules

Jean-Mark Sens
The Case in Point

Rush Rankin
The Grossness and Difficulty of the Motion of Spirit about the Heart

Steve Myers
The Beggar of Karlova 
Mixed Marriage

Mark Seidl
Plague of Metal Detectors 

Brian Phillip Whalen
Strange Matter [Dear David]

Ben Miller
A Memoir’s Stomach (Tract 1)

Carol Guess & Aimee Parkison

Philip Brady

Robin Behn
The Old Harms 

Fernando Quigua