North Dakota Quarterly 86:1/2

North Dakota Quarterly 86:1/2

Edited by William Caraher

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Table Of Contents

Volume 86, Numbers 1 & 2 (Spring/Summer 2019)

Editor’s Note
            William Caraher
Snow-Covered Ground
            Joseph Buehler
F Is For…
            Dave Wieczorek
The Snow
In Life
            Danny P. Barbare
Shadow Matter
            J. A. Bernstein
Portage Lake
            Edzordzi Agbozo
            Alamgir Hashmi
            Michael Cohen
Oh, Winnipeg
the car like metal sinks in mud; the pond is a coffin for rain
            Tom Pescatore
            TS Hidalgo
A Completely Useless but Somehow Essential Guide on How to Answer the Question “What is Your Tattoo About?”
            Skylar Peyton
what had been
rocking on the heel of an ostrich oxford
            Megan Stratford
Heat Wave
Locked Out
The Cold
            Eric Greinke
Hokkaido Seasons
Bear's Heart: Haru. Spring
Rain: Natsu. Summer
Hanko: Aki. Autumn
The Nakayama Pass: Fuyu. Winter
            Paula Kaufman
THE WAY of ELEGANCE, or Forty-One Dunks
Brett Kavanaugh
            Candice Kelsey
            Lauro Palomba
Come Winter, Father and Son
            Robert Stothart
My Daughter Turned Eleven Today
Creaking Floor, Silent Bed
Phantom Pain
Pushing Up Daisies
            Jim Daniels
A Man Who Lives Alone
After the Gold Watch
An Olive Grove in Crete, 1941
            David Pratt
Bachelor Party
            Derek Dubois
[over and over]
[heavy doors]
            Darren C. Demaree
Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust
What Good These Gregorian Chants?
            John Dorroh
Double Helix
            Ronna Wineberg
In Your Mind You Go to Water
Missio Mei
The Beds of Children
            Kimberly L. Becker
The Refrigerator Talmud
            Judith Gold Stitzel
Fruit Bowl
            Mark Danowsky
I Never Wanted to Be an Astronaut
            Alan Haider
A Cold House
            Michael Walsh
Coal Country
            David Dodd Lee
A Prayer for my Christian Father
            Danielle Hale
Partly True, Partly False: My Romance with Law & Order Characters
            Aruni Kashyap
Echoes in the Song of Time
The Night Unwritten
Daydreams in the Dark
            Tom McFadden
Rohingya refugees
            Sandip Saha
            Dana Salvador
Theophilus Luatima at the End of the World
Tourism Theory
            George Fragopoulos
Ivan Krastev’s After Europe and the Dramatic Risk of European Disintegration
            Daniela Koleva
Planet Trump
            Daniel de Culla
If You
            Matt Mason
            Anum Sattar
Quilt on Wall
            Richard Dinges
A Tribute to William Gass
            Crystal Alberts, Guest Editor
            Crystal Alberts
An Interview with William H. Gass
Tributes to William Gass
            Robert Coover
            Garth Risk Hallberg
            Joy Williams
            Kathyrn Davis
            Matthias Göritz
            Michael Eastman
To ‘Contemplate the World through Words’: On Teaching William H. Gass in the Fiction Workshop
            Patrick Thomas Henry