American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 21:1-2

American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 21:1-2

Edited by Larry Davidson

Table Of Contents

Volume 21, Nos. 1-2 (Spring–Summer 2018)


From the Editor

Citizenship Programs for Persons With Mental Health and/or Co-occurring Disorders: Mechanisms of Action and Clinical Implications
Jaak Rakfeldt, Michael Rowe, and Dave Sells

Subjective Dimension of Cognitive Deficit in People With Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorder
Maite Pereda, Ramona Casado, Mariasun Garay, Begoña Iriarte, Aránzazu Iribarren, and Jose J. Uriarte

Factors Influencing Motivation to Work Among People Living With Psychosis
M. E. Hampson, B. D. Watt, and R. E. Hicks

Professionals’ Experiences of Integrating a Child Perspective in Adult Psychosis Service
Jennifer Strand and Lisa Rudolfsson

“How Do We Force Six Visits on a Consumer?”: Street-Level Dilemmas and Strategies for Person-Centered Care Under Medicaid Fee-for-Service
Emmy Tiderington, Victoria Stanhope, and Deborah Padgett

Fidelity to the Structural and Clinical Aspects of the Illness Management and Recovery Program in an Institutional Setting: A 6-Year Study
Tom Bartholomew, Michelle R. Zechner, Joseph Birkmann, Dawn L. Reinhardt-Wood, Kenneth Kinter, Jennifer Sperduto, Ruth Cook, and Michael Giantini

Participants’ Goals, Resources, and Barriers: Person-Centered Assessment and Planning in Self-Directed Care
Jennifer Spaulding-Givens

The Many Dimensions of Recovery: Definitions, Problems and Possibilities
Alain Topor, Anne Denhov, Per Bülow, and Gunnel Andersson

The Experience of Dual Stigma and Self-Stigma Among LGBTQ Individuals With Severe Mental Illness
Lauren K. O’Connor, Pavel Pleskach, and Philip Yanos

Music Therapy in a Recovery-Oriented Unit: A Qualitative Study of Users’ and Staff’s Experiences With Music Therapy in Mental Health Care
Randi Rolvsjord

Sylvestre, J., Nelson, G., & Aubry, T. (Eds.). (2017). Housing, Citizenship, and Communities for People With Serious Mental Illness: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy Perspectives
Richard C. Baron