American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 21:3-4

American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 21:3-4

Edited by Larry Davidson

Table Of Contents

Volume 21, nos. 3–4 (Fall–Winter 2018)


Recovery in Mental Illness: Focus on Subjective Perceptions of Occupations in Clubhouses
Jenny Hultqvist, Urban Markström, Carina Tjörnstrand, and Mona Eklund

Effects of Pair Concordance on Engagement in a Mutual Dyadic Peer Support Intervention for Depression
Nicholas W. Bowersox, Dara Ganoczy, Paul N. Pfeiffer, Heather Walters, H. Myra Kim, and Marcia Valenstein

All Change is Difficult, No Matter How Long You Put It Off: Making Mental Health Systems of Care “High Performers” in Employment Outcomes
Joe Marrone, Marianne Farkas, and Larry Abramson

Is Capability to Manage Finances Stable Over Time?
Christina M. Lazar, Anne C. Black, and Marc I. Rosen

The Relationship Between Opportunities to Discuss Spiritual Needs and Mental Health Recovery Outcomes
Bei-Hung Chang, Kathleen Biebel, and Jeffrey L. Geller

Client Perception and Utilization of an Innovative “One-Stop” Service Center for People Experiencing Homelessness: A Mixed-Methods Case Study
Tomi Gomory, Jill Gromer, Danielle Groton, Sara Groff, Monique Ellsworth, Megan Duncan, and Rachel Harris

Who Cares for Us? Caregivers’ Narratives of Involuntary Admission to Psychiatric Hospital
Veronica Ranieri, Charlotte Wilson, and Larry Davidson

Engaging Older Adults Using Tai Chi at a Psychiatric Hospital
Michelle R. Zechner, MaryBeth McDonald, Tracey King-Rumelhart, Roger Jahnke, and Cherry Monroy-Miller

Perspectives on the Benefits and Costs of Employment and Unemployment for People Living With Psychosis
M. E. Hampson, R. E. Hicks, and B. D. Watt

Exploring Sensory Preferences Among Community-Dwelling Individuals Living With Mental Health Disorders
Jennifer Gardner, Margaret Swarbrick, Danielle Kearns, Leanne Suero, Pamela Harder, Emily Moscoe, K. Patrick O’Toole, and John Rutledge

Spaulding, W. D., Silverstein, S. M., & Menditto, A. A. (2017). Advances in Psychotherapy—Evidence-Based Practice: Vol. 5. The Schizophrenia Spectrum
Bryan P. McCormick