symploke 27:1/2

symploke 27:1/2

Edited by Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Table Of Contents

Volume 27, Nos. 1–2 (2019) read it on Project MUSE | read it on JSTOR

Editor’s Note
Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Blue Humanities
Towards a Blue Humanity
Ian Buchanan and Celina Jeffery

Open Endings
Sophia M. A. Nicolov

Artistic Immersion
Celina Jeffery

Climate Change Goes Live
Bogna M. Konior

Surfing in Cantabria, Spain
Daniel Wuebben and Juan José González-Trueba

Must We Eat Fish?
Ian Buchanan

The Sea as Archive
Donna Honarpisheh

Into the Dark Blue
jan jagodzinski

General Articles
Translating the Unconscious
Carol Mastrangelo Bové

What is Queer Translation?
Nir Kedem

Addressing the Atomic Specter
Kristin George Bagdanov

Theory Today in China
Hua Zhang

From Street Food to “Street-Level Feminism”
Pelin Kivrak

Who Sells Out Theory?
Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Offering (Up) Theory
John Mowitt

Resistances To Theory
Brian O’Keeffe

Alchemies of Theory
Nicole Simek

Reading Adorno by the Pool
Robert T. Tall y Jr.

On Not Selling Out the Subject
Zahi Zalloua

Capital Theory and the Real World
Peter Hitchcock

Daniel T. O’Hara

Bloom’s Festival of Significance
Agata Bielik-Robson

Harold Bloom’s Possessed by Memory
Robert L. Caserio

Jeffrey R. Di Leo Dead

Possessed by Sahitya
Ranjan Ghosh

The Sight of Memory
Gina Masucci MacKenzie

The Pedagogy of the Aesthete
Daniel Rosenberg Nutters

The Privileged Moment in Bloom
Daniel T. O’Hara

A Book of Revelation
Alan Singer

“The Fury and the Mire of Human Veins”
Chris Winkler

Harold Bloom Responds
Harold Bloom

A Subterranean Althusser
Ted Stolze

The Phantasms of Lionel Trilling
Daniel T. O’Hara

On the Modifications of Clouds
John Frow

Mixed Messages
Allen Dunn

Forum I
Trading Literature with Christopher Breu, Jeffrey R. Di Leo, Tom Eyers, Robin Truth Goodman, Sophia A. McClennen, Nicole Simek, and H. Aram Veeser

Forum II
History of Theory with Peter Melville Logan,Tilottama Rajan, Amanda Anderson, Marjorie Garber, Jeffrey J. Williams, William Germano, David R. Shumway, and Jane Gallop

Games, Things, and Theory: An Interview with Ian Bogost
Jeffrey J. Williams

Writing In-Between: An Interview with Amitava Kumar
Jeffrey J. Williams

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