Resilience 07:2-3

Resilience 07:2-3

Edited by Stephanie Foot, Dana Luciano, and Anthony Lioi
Special Issue: Climate Realism
Guest editors Lynn Badia, Marija Cetinić, and Jeff Diamanti

Table Of Contents

Volume 7, Number 2–3 (Spring–Fall 2020)  read it on Project MUSE | read it on JSTOR

Special Issue: Climate Realism
Guest edited by Lynn Badia, Marija Cetinić, and Jeff Diamanti

Introduction to the Special Issue: Climate Realism—The Aesthetics of Weather, Climate, and Atmosphere in the Anthropocene
Lynn Badia, Marija Cetinić, and Jeff Diamanti

A Newfoundland Treasury of Terms for Ice and Snow: A Lexicon and Photographic Essay
Marlene Creates

Metaphysics of Abstraction: Speculative Photographs in the Anthropocene
Bruno Lessard

The Natural and Unnatural Histories of Patricio Guzmán
Graig Uhlin

Weirding Climate Realism in Sunshine and Ex Machina
Selmin Kara and Cydney Langill

Listening to and Composing with the Soundscapes of Climate Change
Kate Galloway

Ecocomplicity and the Logic of Settler-Colonial Environmentalism
Chris Malcolm

Fog, Coal, Capitalism: Dickens’s Energy Atmospherics and the Anthropocene
Thomas A. Laughlin

“The Scientist as Hero”: Representing Climate Science as Politics in the Mars Trilogy
Brent Ryan Bellamy

Time Is Melting: Glaciers and the Amplification of Climate Change
Melody Jue and Rafico Ruiz

Essays on 36.5/A Durational Performance with the Sea, by Sarah Cameron Sunde

Introduction: Signaling through the Waves
Una Chaudhuri

Artist Statement
Sarah Cameron Sunde

James E. Young

Stacy Alaimo

Martin Harries

Nils van Beek

Stefan Helmreich

Peggy Phelan

Sarah Cameron Sunde