Gettysburg Magazine 63

Gettysburg Magazine 63

Edited by James S. Pula

Table Of Contents

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Number 63 (2020)



Battery G, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery in the Gettysburg Campaign
Robert Grandchamp

“Gen. Meade Showed No Disposition to Attack Us”: Lee’s Uncontested Escape Across the Potomac, July 14, 1863
Thomas J. Ryan and Richard R. Schaus

The Army of the Potomac Artillery Reserve at Gettysburg
Ron Kirkwood

“The Blood of Our Comrades Has Hallowed this Ground”: The 97th New York at Gettysburg
Cheryl A. Pula

“I Never Gave Up Hope. . . . ”: The Forgotten Union Prisoners Captured at Gettysburg
Thomas J. Ryan and Richard R. Schaus

Corp. Wilkison D. Perrin’s Bible and Pocket Diary, Battery H, 1st Ohio Light Artillery
Edward C. Browne Jr.

The Essentials, Revisited: Battlefield Photography, Part II
Sonny Fulks

Phil’s Story
Phil Laino

Book Notes
James A. Hessler and Britt C. Isenberg, Gettysburg’s Peach Orchard: Longstreet, Sickles, and the Bloody Fight for the “Commanding Ground” Along the Emmitsburg Road
Jonathan Tracey