Legacy 37:1

Legacy 37:1

Edited by Susan Tomlinson, Jennifer Putzi, and Jennifer S. Tuttle
Guest editors Travis Foster and Timothy M. Griffiths

Table Of Contents

Volume 37, No. 1, Spring 2020      read it on Project MUSE | read it on JSTOR

American Women’s Writing and the Genealogies of Queer Thought
Travis M. Foster and Timothy M. Griffiths, Guest Editors

Editor’s Note
Susan Tomlinson

Introduction: American Women’s Writing and the Genealogies of Queer Thought
Travis Foster and Timothy M. Griffiths

Producing Intimacy: Queer Attachments in Workingwomen’s Writings
Emily Coccia

Freeman’s Object Lessons
Valerie Rohy

Iola Leroy’s “Long, Long Ago” Song
Kirin Wachter-Grene

“A Queer Semblance of a Baby”: Alice Dunbar-Nelson’s Queer Futurity
Brigitte Fielder

Queering the Marriage Plot: Gale Wilhelm’s Middlebrow Modernism
Elizabeth Blake

From the Archives
The Adelaide Brent Letters: Queer Care in Medical Correspondence
Julia Dauer

Review Essay
Not Feeling Right: Queer Encounters with American Women’s Writing
Sari Edelstein

Dr. Annette Kolodny, 1941–2019
Randi Lynn Tanglen

The Writings of Elizabeth Webb: A Quaker Missionary in America, 1697–1726, edited by Rachel Cope and Zachary McLeod Hutchins
Lisa M. Logan

Teaching with Digital Humanities: Tools and Methods for Nineteenth-Century American Literature, edited by Jennifer Travis and Jessica DeSpain; and Words Used in Characterization: English-Language Fiction, 1800–2007, by Ted Underwood and Nikolaus N. Parulian
Gabi Kirilloff

Lydia Sigourney: Critical Essays and Cultural Views, edited by Mary Louise Kete and Elizabeth Petrino
Deborah Burnham

Adulthood and Other Fictions: American Literature and the Unmaking of Age, by Sari Edelstein
Katherine Adams

Fictions of Western American Domesticity: Indian, Mexican, and Anglo Women in Print Culture, 1850–1950, by Amanda J. Zink
Amber La Piana

Progressivism’s Aesthetic Education: The Bildungsroman and the American School, 1890–1920, by Jesse Raber
Julia P. McLeod

Artificial Color: Modern Food and Racial Fictions, by Catherine Keyser
Janine Utell

The Historian’s Passing: Reading Nella Larsen’s Classic Novel as Social and Cultural History, edited by Lynn Domina
Linda M. Grasso

Learning Legacies: Archive to Action through Women’s Cross-Cultural Teaching, by Sarah Ruffing Robbins
Renée Bergland