Collaborative Anthropologies 12:1-2

Collaborative Anthropologies 12:1-2

Edited by Charles R. Menzies
Guest editors Vincent Lyon-Callo and Boone W. Shear

Table Of Contents

Volume 12, No. 1-2 (Fall 2019-Spring 2020)
Special Issue: Academic Practice and the Ends of Possibility: Negotiating Power and Enacting New Worlds through Teaching and Research

Guest Edited by Vincent Lyon-Callo and Boone W. Shear

Introduction to the Special Issue
Vincent Lyon-Callo and Boone W. Shear

Assembling Fair Trade: Power and Performativity in the Global Economy
Sarah Lyon

Toward an Ontological Politics of Collaborative Entanglement: Teaching and Learning as Methods Assemblage
Boone W. Shear

Critical Relational Solidarity: Collectivist and Transformative Knowledge Practices in and beyond the US Academy
Jen Sandler

Designing Education for Living Well?: Rethinking Public Education and Ethnographic Intervention
Vincent Lyon-Callo