Frontiers 41:2

Frontiers 41:2

Edited by Wanda S. Pillow, Kimberly Jew, and Darius Bost

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Volume 41, No. 2 (2020)

Editors’ Note
Wanda S. Pillow and Kimberly M. Jew

From the Virgen del Panecillo to the Virgen del Legrado: (Trans)national Feminist Struggles for Reproductive Rights in the Andes
María Célleri

Reproductive Politics in Iran: State, Family, and Women’s Practices in Postrevolutionary Iran
Firoozeh Farvardin

Trafficking Spectacle: Affect and State Power in Operation Cross Country X
Corinne Schwarz and Trevor Grizzell

Beyond Nassar: A Transformative Justice and Decolonial Feminist Approach to Campus Sexual Assault
Xhercis Méndez

Roundtable: Staging Feminist Futures
(Re)staging Women’s Narratives
Radhica Ganapathy

Why Numbers Count: Looking at Producing More Women
Aoise Stratford

Daisy Violet the Bitch Beast King: Framing Chaos and Ritual
Lisa Quoresimo

Sex, Lies and Sisterhood: Staging Intersectional Feminism
Becky Gold

Feminist Resistance to the Coded-Male Auteur-Director
Lynn Deboeck

Staging a Future with Mums in Mind: Mothers Artists Makers Ireland (MAM) and the Fight to Balance Motherhood and Theater
Natalie McCabe Tartiere

Colloquium: Sowing the Seeds: Decolonial Practices and Pedagogies
A Hopeful Decolonial Rhizome: An Invitation
Maia L. Butler, April Petillo, Shylah Pacheco Hamilton, and Krista L. Benson

Carrying Stories of Incarcerated Indigenous Women as Tools for Prison Abolition
Krista L. Benson

And Now a Return to Ourselves: Working toward an Ancestor Reverence Pedagogy
Shylah Pacheco Hamilton

Sketching Arrivantcy: Self-Naming toward Decolonized Solidarity across Indigenous and Black Divides
April Petillo