Journal of Magazine Media 20:1-2

Journal of Magazine Media 20:1-2

Edited by Kevin M. Lerner

Table Of Contents

Volume 20, Numbers 1–2 (Fall–Spring 2019–2020)

Letter from the Editor
Kevin M. Lerner

Change of Diet: Recipes Seasoned with Social History
Lyn Barnes

Lessons from the Past: What Four Iconic British Titles Can Teach the Magazine Industry
Mary Hogarth

Featured Research
One of Us: Margaret Thatcher, Women’s Magazines, and the Art of Wooing Women Voters
Sharon Maxwell Magnus

The Transition Translations: How Marginality, Vagueness, and Egalitarianism Allowed an Australian Architectural Periodical to Become a Shared Object and Cross Disciplinary Boundaries
Mark Sawyer

Photographic Magazines and Photo Magazines: Art Photography in British Magazines of the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s
David W. Brittain

The Daily “Periodical”: How Traditional and Emerging Magazine Media Appeal to Snapchat Users
Stephanie Williams-Turkowski and Miglena Sternadori

Slam Dunk: How a Sports Magazine Used Its Cover to Reach a Target Audience and Create Loyal Readers
Kevin Hull, Joon K. Kim, Dan Haun, and Matt Stilwell

Magazines as Varied Texts
Miglena Sternadori

Great Book, but to What Purpose?
Scott Fosdick

Measuring Up American Journalism
Miglena Sternadori

Successful Feature Writing and the Diligence It Takes to Get There
Kathleen Norton McNulty

The Echoes of 1950s Celebrity Melodrama Carry On Today
Stephanie Williams-Turkowski