Edited by Jacob Blevins
Special issue: "Queering Ireland: Queer Times"
Guest editors: Yvonne Ivory and Ed Madden

Table Of Contents

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Volume 24, Nos. 1-2 (Spring/Fall 2020)
Special Issue: Queering Ireland: Queer Times

Introduction to the Special Issue “Queering Ireland: Queer Times” 
Yvonne Ivory and Ed Madden

Homonormativity and Emma Donoghue’s Landing (2007) 
Amy Finlay-Jeffrey

Against the Nouning of Desire: Homonational Tragedy and Queer Form in Jamie O’Neill’s At Swim, Two Boys 
Charles A. Clements

Looking for Langston, Looking for Identity 
Jingsheng Zhang

Intersections between Queer, Irish, and Caribbean Migrants to London in Neil Jordan’s “Last Rites” 
Paul T. McElhinny

“Portals of Discovery” or “An Immorality in Three Orgasms”? How Ulysses Stopped Being Too Queer to Queer 
Margot G. Backus