German Yearbook of Contemporary History 03:1

German Yearbook of Contemporary History 03:1

"Hitler—New Research"
Edited by Elizabeth Harvey and Johannes Hürter

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Volume 3 (2018)
Hitler—New Research

Introduction: Approaches to Adolf Hitler
Elizabeth Harvey & Johannes Hürter

Hitler’s Authenticity: A Functionalist Interpretation
Andreas Wirsching

When Was Adolf Hitler?: Deconstructing Hitler’s Narratives of Autobiographical Authenticity
Helmut Walser Smith

“Volk und Rasse:” In Search of Hitler’s Sources
Roman Töppel

Hitler’s Antisemitism and the Horizons of the Racial State
Eve Rosenhaft

Thierschstraße 41: Hitler the Lodger, a Jewish Landlord, and a Restitution Problem
Paul Hoser

Hitler in Vinnytsia: A New Document Casts Fresh Light on the Crisis of September 1942
Johannes Hürter & Matthias Uhl

Social Motivation and Charismatic Leadership in National Socialism
Martin Broszat

Social Mechanics and Ideological Motivation: Martin Broszat on National Socialism and Hitler
Peter Fritzsche

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