NINE 28.1-2

NINE 28.1-2

Special issue: "Baseball is..."
Edited by Willie Steele

Table Of Contents

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Volume 28, Nos. 1-2 (Fall-Spring 2019-2020)
"Baseball is..."

The Cheap Seats: A Note from the Editor
Willie Steele

Diamond Quotes

The Echoes
David Eldridge

The Trophy Cage
Larry Lester

A Handful of Interesting, Timely Topics and The Polo Grounds is my Field of Dreams
Max D. Danish and Keith Danish

Bases Empty, No One is Out
Jeremy Shermak

Fenway Faithful: Or, All Baseball is Local
R.A.R. Edwards

How I Got Into Roy Halladay’s Pants: Or, The Often Mercurial and Now Melancholic Reality of Playing in the Blue Ridge Mountain Baseball League of Southwest Virginia
J. S. Moore

The Guy
Daniel T. Durbin

My Baseball Novel
Mitchell Nathanson

The Constants
Douglas Jordan

Summer Rules
Larry Foley

My Most Prized Baseball Possession
Daniel Linnenberg and Virginia Skinner-Linnenberg

Reflections on a Flawed Baseball Idol
Ken Reed

A Little Girl, A Great War, A Baseball Triumph
Ruth Hanford Morhard

You Don’t Have to Adopt the Faith to Appreciate the Cathedral
David A. Jepsen

A Bookmaker’s Son: A Tale of the 1946 World Series
Sol Gittleman

The Dreams of Batting Gloves
Bill Meissner

Positive Presage: Baseball’s Arrival Signaled Better Days Were Ahead
Greg Ford

Bless You, Jody Gerut
Michael Felber

The Rose Goes in the Front, Big Guy
Tim Wiles

Walter Mitty Meets Bert Blyleven: What Happens When a Middle-Aged Guy Attempts to Revive His High School Baseball Career
John Rosengren

Closing the Baseball Hall of Fame
Richard “Pete” Peterson

National Passed Time
Michael V. Miranda

Brooklyn, 2019: Who’s a Cyclone?
Thomas McDonald

Baseball is Truly International
James J. Donahue

Quarantining With(out) the Houston Astros: A Meditation on Meaning in the Mist of Memories
Phillip Luke Sinitiere

Racing to Find Home
Terumi Rafferty-Osaki

Reminiscences of an Old-Time Baseball Fan
Bob Cullen Sr.

Baseball Is What We Choose to Make It
Kate Melody Burmon and David L. Burmon

Where I First Learned to Love the Game
Tim Wendel

Baseball is a Teacher: Lessons Learned by a Canadian Baseball Fan
Craig Greenham

Musings of a Recovered Red Sox Fan
Dave Surdam

White, Black, and the Homestead Grays
Bruce Bobick

The Phoebe, Me, and the Giants
Howard J. De Nike

The Ashes
Mark Kingwell

Second Chances
Ethan D. Bryan

Willie’s Going to Philly
Daniel G. Payne

The Communal Possibilities of Baseball
Paul Ringel

Full Circle: A Baseball Player’s Lessons About Life and Justice
Louis Mauro

Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Please
Chris Arvidson

Waveland Avenue: The Game Outside of the Game
Levi Kaplan

From the Stick to the Cove: My Six Decades with the San Francisco Giants
David Bohmer

The Called Shot: Babe Ruth, The Chicago Cubs, & The Unforgettable Major League Baseball Season of 1932
Mark McGee

Issei Baseball: The Story of the First Japanese American Baseball Players
R. Zachary Sanzone

The Cup of Coffee Club: 11 Players and their Brush with Baseball History
Mitchell Nathanson

Baseball Goes West: The Dodgers, the Giants, and the Shaping of the Major Leagues
Steve Gietschier

Mr. Met: How a Sports-Mad Kid from Jersey Became Like Family to Generations of Big Leaguers
Doug Wedge

One Tough Out: Fighting Off Life’s Curveballs
Paul Hensler

Bouton: The Life of a Baseball Original
Scott D. Peterson

The Milwaukee Brewers at 50: Celebrating a Half-Century of Brewers Baseball
Lee Kluck

The Inside Game: Bad Calls, Strange Moves, and What Baseball Behavior Teaches Us About Ourselves
Lindsay John Bell

Oscar Charleston: The Life and Legend of Baseball’s Greatest Forgotten Player
Thomas Wolf

Summer Baseball Nation: Nine Days in the Wood Bat Leagues
Anna R. Newton

Let’s Play Two: The Legend of Mr. Cub, the Life of Ernie Banks
Kevin A. Johnson and Jennifer J. Asenas

The Wax Pack: On the Open Road in Search of Baseball’s Afterlife
Mark Jent

Stealing Home: Los Angeles, the Dodgers, and the Lives Caught in Between
Andy McCue

Tony Oliva: The Life and Times of a Minnesota Twins Legend
Frank G. Houdek

Isabel “Lefty” Alvarez: The Improbable Life of a Cuban American Baseball Star
Rob Sheinkopf

Cleveland Rocked: The Personalities, Sluggers, and Magic of the 1995 Indians
Chad S. Wise