Native South 13:1

Native South 13:1

Edited by Melanie B. Taylor, Alejandra Dubcovsky, and Rose Stremlau

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Volume 13 (2020)

 “The Positive Duty to Aid Them”: Segregated Health, Federal Responsibility, and the Mississippi Choctaws during the 1918–1919 Influenza Pandemic
Mikaëla M. Adams

“Every Drop of Indian Blood”: The Short but Ironic Life of Sylvester Long
Michael Leroy Oberg

Twisting Air: Native Southerners and Their Encounters with Tornadoes
Tim Alan Garrison

Directing Their Own Change: Chickasaw Economic Transformation and the Civilization Plan, 1750s–1830s
Jeffrey Washburn

More than “Strangers to Each Others Persons & Manners”: Overhill Cherokees and Fort Loudoun
Jessica L. Wallace

“A Man’s Children Have No Claim to His Property”: Creek Matrilineal Property Relations and Gendered Conflict at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century
Miller Shores Wright

Field Notes
Persistence on the Edge: The Choctaw-Apache Community of Ebarb
Robert C. Caldwell