Edited by Jacob Blevins
Special Issue: Epistemology as Border(land)s in the Age of Globalization
Guest edited by Bennett Yu-Hsiang Fu

Table Of Contents

Vol. 25, Nos. 1–2 (Spring–Fall 2021)
Epistemology as Border(land)s in the Age of Globalization

Introduction to the Special Issue
Bennett Yu-Hsiang Fu

“Only Your Labels Split Me”: Epistemic Privilege, Boundaries, and Pretexts of ‘Religion’
Lilith Acadia

Literatures of the New Realism: Anil’s Ghost, Half of a Yellow Sun, and the Problem of Ethnic Conflict
Michael Gavin

Ideas of Good and Evil: On the Celtic Borderlands with W. B. Yeats
Oliver Hennessey

Stereotyped Epistemology: Post-Millennial Indian Writing in English
Om Prakash Dwivedi

Cybersujetos: Reading Border Subjects across Mediums
Salvador Herrera

Carla Manfredi. Robert Louis Stevenson’s Pacific Impressions: Photography and Travel Writing, 1888-1894
Richard Hill

Laurent Demanze. Un nouvel âge de l'enquête. Portraits de l'écrivain contemporain en enquêteur
Carole Edwards

Emma Liggins. The Haunted House in Women’s Ghost Stories: Gender, Space, and Modernity, 1850-1945
Emma Schneider