Great Plains Research 31:1

Great Plains Research 31:1

Edited by Peter J. Longo

Table Of Contents

Volume 31, Number 1 (Spring 2021)

Thirsting for Sustainability: Water Conservation in a Great Plains City
Amanda Buday, Brett Zollinger, Anna Hammersmith, and Kiley Heine

An Introduced Tree, Black Locust, and Its Non-Native Treehoppers Augment Nebraska’s Biodiversity
Alfred G. Wheeler Jr.

Advancing Underrepresented Preservation Webs: A Cross-Case Analysis for African American Historic Site Planning
Ashley C. Adams and Alec Edges

Surpassing the Wall of Nebraska Nice: Analysis of Immigration Rhetoric in Nebraska Journalism
Kelly Bauer, Samantha Redfern, Hyeonju Wang, and Sienna Woo

Kill, Camp, and Repeat: Return to the Lindenmeier Folsom Site, Colorado
Jason M. LaBelle and Kelton A. Meyer

Toward a Rural Vision Zero: A Qualitative Exploration of Bicyclist and Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities in Small-Town and Rural Nebraska
Daniel Piatkowski, Justin McCully, and Melissa Piatkowski

Tracking Cumulative Cropland Expansion across the Great Plains: The Plowprint
Sarah K. Olimb and Patrick E. Lendrum

Book Reviews
Anna Zeide. Canned: The Rise and Fall of Consumer Confidence in the American Food Industry
Jonathan Rees

Rebecca M. Schreiber. The Undocumented Everyday: Migrant Lives and the Politics of Visibility
Raquel Andrea González Madrigal

Matthew Roth. Magic Bean: The Rise of Soy in America
E. James (Jim) Dunph

Jim Ellis, ed. Water Rites: Reimagining Water in the West
Ingrid Leman Stefanovic

Stephanie Anderson. One Size Fits None: A Farm Girl’s Search for the Promise of Regenerative Agriculture
Abby M. Dubisar

Todd Allin Morman. Many Nations under Many Gods: Public Land Management and American Indian Sacred Sites
Kari Forbes-Boyte

Kathleen Ratteree and Norbert Hill Jr., eds. The Great Vanishing Act: Blood Quantum and the Future of Native Nations
James W. Oberly

Matthew J. Kauffman, James E. Meacham, Hall Sawyer, Alethea Y. Steingisser, William J. Rudd, and Emilene Ostlind. Wild Migrations: Atlas of Wyoming’s Ungulates
Frances E. Buderman

Robert Lemon. Foreword by Jeffrey M. Pilcher. The Taco Truck: How Mexican Street Food Is Transforming the American City
Sarah Fouts

Craig M. Johnson. Chipped Stone Technological Organization: Central Place Foraging and Exchange on the Northern Great Plains
Alan J. Osborn

Chris Helzer. Hidden Prairie: Photographing Life in One Square Meter
Ted LaGrange