Journal of Magazine Media 21:1

Journal of Magazine Media 21:1

Edited by Kevin M. Lerner

Table Of Contents

Volume 21, Number 1 (Fall 2020)

Letter from the Editor
Kevin M. Lerner 

Exploring Personalities and Experiences: How Football Magazines Use Facebook and Twitter to Enhance Their Brand Identities
Wagner R. Arratia Concha

Featured Research
Quantifying Gender Stereotypes? Visually Assessing Stereotypes of Women in People Magazine
Tara Marie Mortensen, Khadija Ejaz, and Carol J. Pardun

Picturing the President: Visual Analysis of the Donald Trump Presidency on US Magazine Covers between 2016 and 2018
Newly Paul and Gregory Perreault

Signs of a Dalit Spring: India’s Activist Magazine Journalism
David O. Dowling

Pop-up’s First Online Issue Bursts with Universal Humanity and Teaching Ideas
Betsy Edgerton

The Fragmented Story of Immersive Longform Storytelling
Jeff Inman

The Ordinary Mystique and Us Weekly’s Heyday
Elizabeth Meyers Hendrickson