Hotel Amerika 19:1

Hotel Amerika 19:1

Edited by David Lazar

Table Of Contents

Volume 19 (2021)

The Gift that Destroyeth the Heart
Laurin Penland

Cairo is a Knife 
Joshua Craze

On Revision
Megan Baxter

The Prepared Dance
Glen Retief

The Other Woman
Anna Whiteside 

Made Fire
Clinton Crockett Peters

The Emperor’s Gayze
Jack Bastock

Ansel Cove

God Wanted
Brent Livingood

No Shortcuts
M. Jennings

Though Changed I Rise Unchanged
Steffan Hruby

How to Save a Dying Plant
Leah Mensch

Middle Age in Seven Exercises
Deborah Thompson 

Community College
Primo Ventello

Meditation (while watching My Own Private Idaho)
Kat Moore

Sleepwalker’s Atlas
Laura Grothaus

The Pall Bearer
Joseph Bathanti

Anatomy of an Angel
Harrison Cook

Lijep Pogled (Nice View)
Maia McPherson

A Man Comes for Tea
Vicki Lindner

Kallie Falandays

I know it was not nice of me
Carol Potter

Circe Dances
A Few Don’ts for Debutantes
Ciera Horton McElroy

Some Chants, Some Drums, Some Burning Tires
Susan Terris

With Regards to My Smoldering
Patrick Whitfill 

Just Friends
David Rock 

Halfbreed Helene Begins Her Funeral Playlist
Sarah A. Chavez

An Autobiography
As with Moscarda’s Crooked Nose
Ace Boggess 

Commercial Break (Architecture 54)
Elegy for the Gift Economy (Architecture 60)
Let’s Pretend We’re a Novel (Architecture 72)
John Gallaher 

The stone bruise
In reply to your last letter,
Lauren Hilger

ER Waiting Room
Constant Williams 

Unfathomable Love, Still Diving
Roy Bentley 

When Phúc Became Phuc
Paul Christiansen

Are We Here? 
Not Yet a Jedi
Partridge Boswell

Torch Song
Camille Carter 

Dreamt by a Fugitive Passing a Foreclosed Farm Outside Tupelo
Jeffrey Alfier

Back At It
Amanda McGuire 

Moon in Water
Four Constellations
Richard Robbins 

Charlene Fix

Street Imagination
Stephen Ruffus 

Coat of Bees
John Sibley Williams

Anisa Rahim 

Those Ghost Selves
Amy Pence 

Brief Picnic with Flannery O’Connor
JW Goll

Mile 47—
Mile 56—
Lucien Darjeun Meadows 

After Rococo
Maiden of the South Sea
Dave Harrity 

The Static Lives of Nightingales
The Stars
A. Molotkov 

Prose Poetry
Because Now There Is No Child
Elegy for My Loneliness
Kathleen McGookey 

By Diverse Means Men Come to a Like End
Of Books 
Of Smells 
Benjamin Paloff

Bill Rector 

How It Starts
Matthew Thorburn 

Ticker Tape
William Repass 

from Sugaring Off
Margaret Barbour Gilbert 

Heart Compass
Regarding Necromancy
Steve Castro & Daniel Romo

Game of No Mothers
Rebecca Cross 

A Walk with Asherah
Dayna Patterson 

Conversation Non-Starters
Carol Guess & Rochelle Hurt

Mechanisms of Faulting
Flotsam & Jetsam (disambiguated)
Abigail Chabitnoy 

Croatoan: Permutations of Virginia Dare
Dana Curtis

Contributors’ Notes