Americas: A Hemispheric Music Journal 29:1

Americas: A Hemispheric Music Journal 29:1

Edited by Susan R. Thomas
"Borders / Boundaries / Fronteras: Rethinking American Music"

Table Of Contents

Volume 29 (2020)

Holding the Line: Sonic Interstitiality at the Close of 2020 (free article)
Susan R. Thomas

Memorias de oro: Music, Memory, and Mexicanidad in Pixar’s Coco (2017)
Jacqueline Avila

Corridos for the Holy Coyote: Ghost Smuggling Ballads and the Undocumented Migrant Journey
Teresita D. Lozano

Musical Fusion as Contextualized Boundary-Play: Samba Jazz in New York City
Marc M. Gidal

The Dopple-Grain: Materiality of Foreign Language Vocality
Brandon Stover

Listening In
How to Have Humor in an Epidemic: Musicking, Pandemic Palimpsests, and Public Health Pedagogy in the Age of COVID-19
Matthew J. Jones

Mi Casa es Su Casa: Cubanía in Cyberspace
Sarah Town

The Body is a Vehicle for Traveling the World: A Conversation with Tania León
Alejandro L. Madrid

El cuerpo es un vehículo para andar por el mundo: Una conversación con Tania León
Alejandro L. Madrid

Oaxacan Indigenous Women Musicians’ Collective Songwriting Process of “Mujeres”
Xóchitl C. Chávez