NINE 29.1-2

NINE 29.1-2

Edited by Willie Steele

Table Of Contents

Vol. 29, Nos. 1-2 (Fall-Spring 2020-21)


The Cheap Seats: A Note from the Editor
Willie Steele

Diamond Quotes

Five Poems
Walter Biskupski

Triple Play
The Throes of My Addiction
Rick Burton

Black Baseball History Matters
Brian Carroll

Baseball Connections
John Shorey

It’s About The Moments: What Baseball Means to Me
J. David Pincus

The Enigma of Being a Cleveland Indians Fan
Timothy J. Jurkovac

Quarantining With(out) the Houston Astros, Part 2: Astrodome Addition/Edition
Phillip Luke Sinitiere

Spring Training at the End of the World
Richard Black

My Friends Bobby Brown and Eddie Robinson
C. Paul Rogers III

Have to Write a Baseball Story Sometime: Hemingway, the Busher, and The Old Man and the Sea
Scott D. Peterson

The Universal Language: Baseball in The Twilight Zone
Robert M. Gorman

Games about the Game: A History of Tabletop Baseball
Adam Criblez

This is the Way: The Baltimore Orioles, the Oriole Way, and the Influence of Harry Dalton from 1969 to 1971
Lee Kluck

Taking Your LUMPs: Major League Baseball’s History of Pitchers Failing to Retire a Single Batter in an Outing
Josh Chetwynd

Rules for Baseball Radicals: How Jim Bouton and Ball Four Changed the Narrative of Baseball
Mitchell Nathanson

Eddie Cicotte: The Life and Career of the Banned White Sox Pitcher
David Bohmer

Wits, Flakes, and Clowns: The Colorful Characters of Baseball
Paul Hensler

50 at 50: The Fifty Most Important Contributions to the Game
David Pegram

¡Pleibol! In the Barrios and in the Big Leagues/En Los Barrios y Las Grandes Ligas
Jorge Iber

A Year of Playing Catch: What a Simple Daily Experiment Taught Me About Life
Anna R. Newton

The Baseball Bat: From Trees to the Major Leagues, 19th Century to Today
Jennifer Asenas and Kevin Johnson

The Spaceman Chronicles: The Life of the Earthling Named Bill Lee
R. Zachary Sanzone

The National Baseball Hall of Fame Collection: Celebrating the Game’s Greatest Players
Aaron Burtch

How Baseball Happened: Outrageous Lies Exposed! The True Story Revealed
Mark McGee

The Hall Ball: One Fan’s Journey to Unite Cooperstown Immortals with a Single Baseball
Mark Jent

Negro Leaguers and the Hall of Fame: The Case for Inducting 24 Overlooked Ballplayers
Chad S. Wise

The Incredible Women of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League
Willie Steele