Resilience 08:3

Resilience 08:3

Edited by Stephanie Foote, Dana Luciano, and Anthony Lioi
Special Issue: Infrastructures of Emergency
Guest Editors: John Levi Barnard, Jessica Hurley, and Jeffrey Insko

Table Of Contents

Volume 8, Number 3 (Fall 2021)


Special Issue: Infrastructures of Emergency
Guest edited by John Levi Barnard, Stephanie Foote, Jessica Hurley, and Jeffrey Insko

Introduction: The Ruins of the Future
John Levi Barnard and Stephanie Foote

Infrastructural Prolepsis: Contemporary American Literature and the Future Anterior
Reuben Martens and Pieter Vermeulen

The Aesthetics of Water Reclamation: Cinema and the Irrigated West
Maren Loveland

“Far from the Gulf Coast, but Near It Too”: Art, Attachment, and Deepwater Horizon
Thomas S. Davis

“They’re Killing Us, and They Don’t Care”: Environmental Sacrifice and Resilience in Louisiana’s Cancer Alley
Simi Kang

After the Outbreak: Narrative, Infrastructure, and Pandemic Time
Sari Altschuler