Great Plains Quarterly 40:4

Great Plains Quarterly 40:4

Edited by Ramón Guerra

Table Of Contents

Volume 40 Number 4 (Fall 2020)


Land Acknowledgment Statement 

Invited Essay
Warrior Images and Peacemaking Traditions: Strategies for Survival among the Southern Siouan Tribal Nations
Priscilla Buffalohead

Self-Reliance and Modern Illusion: O. E. Rölvaag’s Giants in the Earth
Caroline Clare

Mapping Home: Placing the Past and Building a Community—Local Maps by School Pupils during the Progressive Era in Kansas
Emmanuel Falguières

“In Union There Is Strength:” Claim Clubs, the Law, and the First Murder Case Brought to Court in the Nebraska Territory
Patrick T. Hoehne

Book Reviews
Doris Jeanne Mackinnon. Metis Pioneers: Marie Rose Delorme Smith and Isabella Clark Hardisty Lougheed
Annabel G. LaBrecque

Ethel Waxham Love and J. David Love. Edited by Frances Love Froidevaux and Barbara Love. Life on Muskrat Creek: A Homestead Family in Wyoming
Patty Kessler

Lee Clark Mitchell. Late Westerns: The Persistence of a Genre
Chelsea Wessels

Walter L. Buenger and Walter D. Kamphoefner, eds. Preserving German Texan Identity: Reminiscences of William A. Trenckmann, 1859–1935
Robert Briwa

Linda M. Clemmons. Dakota in Exile: The Untold Stories of Captives in the Aftermath of the U.S.-Dakota War
John R. Legg

Arnold Krupat. Changed Forever: American Indian Boarding-School Literature
Sarah Ruffing Robbins

Cynthia Culver Prescott. Pioneer Mother Monuments: Constructing Cultural Memory
Erin Hvizdak

Deborah M. Liles and Cecilia Gutierrez Venable, eds. Texas Women and Ranching: On the Range, at the Rodeo, and in Their Communities
Elyssa Ford

Brianna Theobald. Reproduction on the Reservation: Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Colonization in the Long Twentieth Century
Taylor A. Livingston

Jon K. Lauck, ed. The Interior Borderlands: Regional Identity in the Midwest and Great Plains
Matthew Engel

J. Edward Chamberlin. The Banker and the Blackfoot: An Untold Story of Friendship, Trust, and Broken Promises in the Old West
David M. Craig

Sondra G. Jones. Being and Becoming Ute: The Story of an American Indian People
Majel Boxer

R. Eli Paul. The Frontier Army: Episodes from Dakota and the West
Brad Tennant