Gettysburg Magazine 66

Gettysburg Magazine 66

Edited by James S. Pula

Table Of Contents

Issue 66 (January 2022)




The Events and Actions of Battery B, 1st New York Light Artillery, on July 2, 1863

Steven M. Gates

Confusion over the 2nd Connecticut Light Battery: Here’s What It Really Did at Gettysburg

Ron Kirkwood

Fifteen Men per Monument: The 27th Connecticut at Gettysburg

Mike Rinehart

“His Information Was Always Accurate and Reliable”: John S. Mosby and the Beginning of the Gettysburg Campaign

Rob Orrison and Kevin Pawlak

In Their Role as Commander-in-Chief: Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis during the Gettysburg Campaign, Part 2, June 1863

Thomas J. Ryan

"They Would Kill Me for Sure”: The Wild Ride of James Parke Postles

Jeffrey R. Biggs

A Man of Iron: Theodore Pease’s Medical Treatment and Resiliency

Jonathan Tracey

The Death of General Lewis Armistead

Jay Kling

The Gettysburg Diary of Robert Robinson, 73rd Pennsylvania

Kelly Palestini

If You Want To Go: Peaches Then, Peaches Now . . . The Sherfy Orchard

Sonny Fulks