Feminist German Studies 37:2

Feminist German Studies 37:2

Edited by Alexandra Stewart and Hester Baer

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Table Of Contents

Volume 37, No. 2 (Fall/Winter 2021)



Editors’ Introduction

“Most Marriages Are Unhappy”: From Elsa Asenijeff’s Unschuld (1901) to Today’s Postfeminism 
Eva Hoffmann

Queer Moments and Cruel Optimism in Evelyn Schmidt’s Das Fahrrad (1981) 
Muriel Cormican

Putting the Sovereignty of Motherhood to the Test: Late-Term Abortion in Anne Zohra Berrached’s 24 Wochen (2016) 
Waltraud Maierhofer

Sexualized Violence and Racialized Others: Syrian Refugee Activism and Constructions of Difference Immediately after Cologne 
Emily Frazier-Rath

Book Reviews
Hans Adler and Sonja E. Klocke, editors. Protest und Verweigerung/Protest and Refusal: Neue Tendenzen in der deutschen Literatur seit 1989/New Trends in German Literature since 1989 
Doris McGonagill

Angermuseum Erfurt, Kai Uwe Schierz, Patrick Rössler, Miriam Krautwurst, and Elizabeth Otto, editors. 4 “Bauhausmädels”: Gertrud Arndt, Marianne Brandt, Margarete Heumann, Margaretha Reichardt 
Carol Anne Costabile-Heming

Karin Baumgartner and Monika Shafi, editors. Anxious Journeys: Twenty-First-Century Travel Writing in German 
Daniela Richter

Barbara Hales. Black Magic Woman: Gender and the Occult in Weimar Germany 
Maria Stehle

Elisabeth Krimmer and Lauren Nossett, editors. Writing the Self, Creating Community: German Women Authors and the Literary Sphere, 1750–1850 
Beth Ann Muellner

René Lépine. Judith Butler: Philosophie für Einsteiger 
Tiarra Cooper

Rob McFarland, Georg Spitaler, and Ingo Zechner, editors. Das Rote Wien: Schlüsseltexte der Zweiten Wiener Moderne, 1919–1934 
Viktoria Pötzl

Rick McCormick. Sex, Politics, and Comedy: The Transnational Cinema of Ernst Lubitsch 
Rob McFarland

Barbara N. Nagel. Ambiguous Aggression in German Realism and Beyond: Flirtation, Passive Aggression, Domestic Violence 
Julie Shoults

Caroline Rupprecht. Asian Fusion: New Encounters in the Asian-German Avant-Garde 
Arina Rotaru

Paula Schlier. Petras Aufzeichnungen, oder Konzept einer Jugend nach dem Diktat der Zeit 
Laura McLary

Lauren Selfe. Representations of Muslim Women in German Popular Culture, 1990–2015 
Emily Frazier-Rath

Patricia Anne Simpson. The Play World: Toys, Texts, and the Transatlantic German Childhood 
Jennifer Redmann

Maria Stehle and Beverly Weber. Precarious Intimacies: The Politics of Touch in Contemporary Western European Cinema 
Muriel Cormican

Valerie Weinstein. Antisemitism in Film Comedy in Nazi Germany 
Priscilla Layne

Women in German Prize Winners (2020)