symploke 29:1/2

symploke 29:1/2

Edited by Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Table Of Contents

Volume 29, Numbers 1 & 2 (2021)


Editor’s Note
Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Paranoid Politics
Paranoid Politics
Frida Beckman and Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Bad History, Useless Prophecy
Michael Butter

Be Really Afraid
Sophia A. McClennen

The Melodramatic Mode
Timothy Melley

On the Politics of Paranoid Style
Peter Hitchcock

The Paranoid Style for Sale
Clare Birchall

The Plague of Inequality
Henry A. Giroux

Disinterested Objectivity
Kenneth J. Saltman

The Paranoid Imperative
Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Tyranny, Fear, and Parrhesia
Paul Allen Miller

Conspiracy, Complicity, Critique
Peter Knight

What is the Matter with Politics?
Robin Truth Goodman

Paranoid Masculinity
Frida Beckman

Racial Reverb
Luke Forrester Johnson

The Politics of Reparation
Nicole Simek

Palestinian Paranoia
Zahi Zalloua

General Articles
To Stir the Sleep of the World
Peter Sloterdijk, trans. Robert Hughes

Violence and Abstraction
Brad Evans and Chantal Meza

The Tumorous Concrete Island
Ann Tso

Romantic Deleuze
Ridvan Askin

After Physiologus
Zhao Ng

“My heart, how shall I keep silent?“
Marina Malli

Adorno on Art and the Arts
Thomas H. Ford

Buddhism, Barad, and Materialism
Jim Garrison

Critical Failure in the New World Order
Paul A. Bové

Can Theory End the World?
Claire Colebrook

Can Theory Save the World?
Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Theory Saves
Peter Hitchcock

“Il Faut Bien Détruire Ensemble“
Zahi Zalloua

Love’s Shadow, Tragedy, and Beloved
Jonathan Arac

All You Need is Love
Christopher Breu

Love’s Shadow, or Shadow-Boxing?
Robert L. Caserio

The Poverty of Criticism
Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Anatomy of a Shadow
Gina MacKenzie

The Unnecessary Angel
Daniel Rosenberg Nutters

Stepping Barefoot Into Reality
Daniel T. O’Hara

Love’s Shadow
Donald E. Pease

Mastering Mastery
Alan Singer

Bathsheba’s Stomach
Robert T. Tally Jr.

On the Kindness of Readers
Paul A. Bové

The Unsustainability of Sustainability
Ian Buchanan

Confessions of the Flesh
Paul Allen Miller

We, the Sheeple
Liane Tanguay

“Whither Roth Given Bailey”
Benjamin Schreier

What Is Ethnic Studies For?
Bruce Robbins

with H. Aram Veeser, Sharon O’Dair, Aaron Jaffe, Daniel T. O’Hara, and John Mowitt

Class and Color: An Interview with Joe William Trotter, Jr.
Jeffrey J. Williams

Opening the Window on Higher Ed: An Interview with Christopher Newfield
Jeffrey J. Williams

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