Great Plains Research 32:1

Great Plains Research 32:1

Edited by Peter J. Longo

Table Of Contents

Volume 32, Number 1 (Spring 2022)

Strange Stones of Skull Creek: Basalt Glacial Erratics and Omars in Eastern Nebraska
R. M. Joeckel, J. T. Korus, J. K. Turk, C. C. Arps, N. V. Arps, and L. M. Howard

Gender and Residential Decision-Making in the Rural Great Plains
Andrew Husa

Impact of Irrigation Canal Operations on the Fish Communities and Biomass of a Connected Stream
Jessica L. Davis, Keith D. Koupal, Melissa R. Wuellner, and Brett A. Roberg

Great Plains Yucca, Yucca Moths, and a Colorful Beetle in the Nebraska Sandhills
Alfred G. Wheeler Jr.

Explaining Resident Attitudes toward Wind Energy Development in the Sandhills
Sean Downey, Pierce Greenberg, and Mary Ann Vinton

Landscape Variability Underpinning the Social-Ecological System in the Nebraska Sandhills
Mary Ann Vinton and Alexander Larsen

Book Reviews
Angela Cameron, Sari Graben, and Val Napoleon, editors. Creating Indigenous Property: Power, Rights, and Relationships
Leah K. Jurss

Paul J. P. Sandul and M. Scott Sosebee, editors. Lone Star Suburbs: Life on the Texas Metropolitan Frontier
Robert Lee Cavazos

Andrea Dyrness and Enrique Sepúlveda III. Border Thinking: Latinx Youth Decolonizing Citizenship
Aída R. Guhlincozzi