Resilience 09:1

Resilience 09:1

Edited by Stephanie Foote, Dana Luciano, and Anthony Lioi

Table Of Contents

Volume 9, No. 1 (Winter 2021)

Human to Humus: Máirtín Ó Cadhain’s Cré na Cille and Ecocriticism as a Decolonialist Strategy
Moira Marquis

Closed-Circuit Anthropocene: Natural Security and the Home(land) in David Fincher’s Panic Room
River Ramuglia

The Reluctant Environmentalist: Finding Evidence of Injustice in James Wright’s Ambivalent Writing of Place and Identity
Alexander Menrisky

Octavia Butler’s Parable Novels and Genealogies of African American Environmental Literature
Kevin Modestino

Self-Reliance in Fallout 4: Environmental Humanities in Serious Gaming
Kristen L. Abbey