Hotel Amerika 20:1

Hotel Amerika 20:1

Edited by David Lazar
Managing and Associate Editor, Jenn Tatum

Table Of Contents

Volume 20 (2022)

Bree Daniels
Marcia Aldrich

Having Fun
Jack Anderson

Script for Home Video and Flashlight
Tom Andrews

George Murray 
Sharon Dolin 
James Geary 
James Lough 
Irving Feldman 
Kris Saknussemm 
Holly Woodward 
Joshua Edwards 
Rick Rauch 
Helen Ruggieri 
Sara Levine 
Dennis Saleh 
Louis Phillips 

In Whatever Mode
John Ashbery

Talking Cure
Cathleen Calbert

Thirty-six Ways of Looking at an Essay
Chris Arthur 

First Dream of the High-Tension Line
Eula Biss

Neil Carpathios

Untitled Prose Poem
Killarney Clary

The Amazing Sea Monkeys at Home, A Flash Biography
Joan Connor

The Playing Field
Guy Davenport 

We Can Savor Nothing Pure
Danielle Deulen

Interview with Jean Seberg, Part VI
Stephanie Dickinson

Something to Do with Church
Denise Duhamel & Maureen Seaton

Out for Christmas Trees
Margaret Barbour 

Eduardo Galeano

On Writing
Andrea Dworkin

Drowning Lessons
Lina Ferreira Cabeza-Vanegas

The Lamps
Albert Goldbarth 

21st Century Friend
Ray Gonzalez 

Anywhere But Here
Rachel Hadas 

Morgan Point
Colette Inez 

Country Music
Bob Hicok 

The Never-Completed Wish
Cynthia Hogue 

A Passion According to Green
Mark Irwin

Dislocated States
Adrianne Kalfopoulou 

Litany of the Danube Basin
Sandor Kanyadi translated by Paul Sohar

Ariana-Sophia M. Kartsonis

Candy Corn
Jesse Lee Kercheval 

Tuberculosis Forces 21-Year-Old John Henry Holliday to LeaveHis Dental Practice in Georgia for the Drier Climate of Dallas,Texas, Where He Takes Up Gambling as a Full-Time Occupation, 1873
Jennifer L. Knox 

Suicide Essay: Before the Deluge
Wayne Koestenbaum

Sound and Cerement
Nathaniel Mackey

Washington Heights
Phillip Lopate 

Those Years
Martin McGovern

You Should Be Happy Because You Should
Eduardo Milán translated by Steven J. Stewart & Patrick Madden

The End of the World
Nancy Mairs

Letter from Argentina
Nancy K. Miller

Head in Flames
Lance Olsen

Angela Pelster

Two Poems
Carl Phillips

The Gift that Destroyeth the Heart
Laurin Penland

Post Script
Jennifer Militello

Shattering: A Compendium
Lia Purpura

Jim Richards

Vectors 3.1: Aphorisms and 123 Ten-Second Essays
James Richardson

Tender Girl
Lisa Samuels

I Have Written the Last Elegy
Patty Seyburn

Cloud Judgement
Tony Sanders

David Shields

Farfetched Has Boxes to Hide In
Katherine Soniat 

In & Out/Out & In
Susan Terris

Elaine Terranova

Who Cares, the Tour Guide Just Makes It Up as She Goes Along
Nance Van Winckel

Remote Objects of Intense Devotion
Jean Valentine

What I Would Tell the Squirrels
Anthony Varallo

Mario Vargas Llosa interviewed by Lois Parkinson Zamora

The Bolt of Smoke While Listening to Marilyn Hacker Read Her Poems
Diane Wakoski 

Daneen Waldrop

Kafka as Son, Irrevocably
Rosemarie Waldrop

Sarah White

Making It Palatable
Nicole Walker 

Eleanor Wilner

In Praise of Thomas Chatterton
Charles Wright

Emerging Writers
Parasite Get Your
Stella Wong 

True Country
Jean Theron 

Town Ad
Grace Q. Song

Dream of Two Heads
Remi Seamon

Amy Sailer 

What We Are
Cade Mason

Tate Lewis-Carroll

The Other Haunted Mansion
Stefan Karlsson 

Featherbed Lane
Will Howard 

from Enby
Ro Daniels 

Permanent Teeth
Anna Chotlos

Cicily Bennion 

Contributors’ Notes