Storyworlds 11:2

Storyworlds 11:2

Edited by Andreea Deciu Ritivoi and Avril Tynan

Table Of Contents

Volume 11, Number 2 (Winter 2019)

Editors’ Introduction
Andreea Deciu Ritivoi and Avril Tynan

Narrative and Illness
Rereading Literary Affordances in Narrative Medicine Pedagogy
Yianna Liatsos

Overreading Illness: Interpretation and Narrative Absence
Avril Tynan

Illness or Identity: Visceral Sense-Making in Pregnancy Loss Narratives
Laura McCann

Critical Perspectives on Health, Illness, and Medicine in Finland
Anna Ovaska

Book Review

Sjón. Moonstone: The Boy Who Never Was
Avril Tynan

Guidelines for Authors