Legacy 38:1-2

Legacy 38:1-2

Edited by Susan Tomlinson, Jennifer Putzi, and Katherine Adams

Table Of Contents

Volume 38, No. 1&2 (2021)

Pirates, Bloodhounds, and White Heirs: Catharine Maria Sedgwick’s Fictions of Haiti
Mark Kelley

The Other Dickinson Sister: Lavinia’s Experimental Poetry
Stephanie Farrar

The Complete Typescript of “Poems by Miss Lavinia Dickinson”
Lavinia Dickinson

Harriet Jacobs, Marronage, and Alternative Freedoms in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
Sean Gerrity

Louise Dickinson Rich’s Middlebrow House in the Big Woods
Lisa Botshon

Legacy Profile
Elizabeth C. Wright (1826–1882)
Emily E. VanDette

Excerpt from Lichen Tufts, from the Alleghanies
Elizabeth C. Wright

Legacy Profile
Caroline “Carrie” Blake Morgan (1850–1926)
Laura Laffrado and Moira Stockton

“Sairy Spencer’s Revolt”
Carrie Blake Morgan

The Archaeology of Magic: Gender and Domestic Protection in Seventeenth-Century New England, by C. Riley Augé
Jillian J. Sayre

Women in Medicine in Nineteenth-Century American Literature: From Poisoners to Doctors, Harriet Beecher Stowe to Theda Bara, by Sara L. Crosby
Lindsey Grubbs

Mourning the Nation to Come: Creole Nativism in Nineteenth-Century American Literatures, by Jillian J. Sayre
Asselin Charles

From Slave Cabins to the White House: Homemade Citizenship in African American Culture, by Koritha Mitchell
Courtney Thorsson

The Sketch, the Tale, and the Beginnings of American Literature, by Lydia G. Fash
Desirée Henderson

Nineteenth-Century American Women’s Serial Novels, by Dale M. Bauer
Melissa Gniadek

Rethinking Sympathy and Human Contact in Nineteenth-Century American Literature: Hawthorne, Douglass, Stowe, Dickinson, by Marianne Noble
Maria A. Windell
“Theatricals of Day”: Emily Dickinson and Nineteenth-Century American Popular Culture, by Sandra Runzo
Elizabeth Hewitt

Radical Friend: Amy Kirby Post and Her Activist Worlds, by Nancy A. Hewitt
Julie Husband

They Met at Wounded Knee: The Eastmans’ Story, by Gretchen Cassel Eick
Janet Dean

Gendered Ecologies: New Materialist Interpretations of Women Writers in the Long Nineteenth Century, edited by Dewey W. Hall and Jillmarie Murphy
Abby L. Goode

Reading Testimony, Witnessing Trauma: Confronting Race, Gender, and Violence in American Literature, by Eden Wales Freedman
Lisa Hinrichsen

Edith Wharton, Willa Cather, and the Place of Culture, by Julie Olin-Ammentorp
Emily Orlando

Modern Sentimentalism: Affect, Irony, and Female Authorship in Interwar America, by Lisa Mendelman
Nanette Rasband Hilton

meXicana Fashions: Politics, Self-Adornment, and Identity Construction, edited by Aída Hurtado and Norma E. Cantú
Amanda Ellis

The Remarkable Kinship of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and Ellen Glasgow, by Ashley Andrews Lear
Sarah Wadsworth